Recorded his first album in 1991. In 1993 he founded the Queen Express, a band specializing in playing the music of Queen. In 1995 he founded the Doxy and recorded an independent EP. In 1999 he founded the EletriKa. Later in 2005 he was invited to take over the vocals Kamikaze. In late 2006 sailed to Asia with a musical group. Currently writes and plays songs for Dolores Dolores.



Started in music in a garage band. He studied with renowned teachers and then honed her technique as an autodidact. At this time he met guitarist Humberto Maldonado. Then, he invited Wille Muriel to join the Doxy band. In 1995, he recorded an independent EP with Doxy . In 2005 he moved to São Paulo and worked through Rock'n Roll scene from there. In 2007 he joined with his friends to form the Dolores Dolores band.

Former member of rock bands Ata D'Arc and Skelter and currently also participates in Lithium band, playing professionally in rock venues in town. In late 2013, he received an invitation to join the Dolores Dolores.


Dolores Dolores music is conceived without any borders or stereotypes. It feels like hitting the highway without any final destination, guided only by the feeling that you need to do it, freely, in that precise moment. We have pushed our personal artistic expression to the limit by bringing up the truth that habitates our own souls and doing what we can do best: music. 
Our purpose is to convey all the freedom that permeates our process of creation to the public in the form of music, and by doing so, our feedback has always been very satisfactory. We often hear from our fans that our albums are always part of their road trips soundtrack and that is the type of motivation that keeps us alive and inspired to keep on creating music that somehow still touches people's hearts.


Brazilian Rock Band


Early in his musical career, he played rock hits of pubs, rock venues and festivals in the city and the countryside, and sporadically attended performances by other bands as a guest. In Queen Express, when he met Wille, and after several gigs at parties and rock venues, joined the Doxy. After Doxy, Maldonado dedicated himself to his recording studio producing several local bands. Now in Dolores Dolores, he is also responsible for the musical production of the two albums.